ANDICOM Colombia


  • All rates and fees are presented in Colombian Pesos (COP) + taxes, the rates in COP apply to companies and individuals residing in Colombia.
  • All rates and fees in USD include taxes.
  • These rates are valid until the expiration date of each period.
    Rates and fees for groups are valid for a single transaction. If the company requires an additional registration, the individual rate value applies according to the validity period of the new purchase.
  • The registration is personal and non-transferable.
  • In case of a force majeure event or fortuitous event under the terms of the law, the participant may decline their registration by sending the request to: [email protected], until July 13th, 2023 (requires CINTEL approval), in which case your refund will be made up to 75% of the value of the fee already paid. In the event that the cancellation request is made after July 13th, 2023, no refund will be made to the participant / company, special agreement between the parties, that is ratified and accepted through the digital registration / signature of the registration document.
  • In any event of force majeure, fortuitous event, unpredictability, or irresistibility, under the terms of Article 64 of the Colombian Civil Code, that affects the execution of Congress without the need for a prior judicial declaration, CINTEL will be exempt from compliance with its obligation and can also modify the conditions of time, manner, and place of compliance with the obligations under its responsibility, without any obligation to reimburse the participants.