Are you a C-level employee of one of the most important companies in the country? Digital Leaders gives you a complimentary ticket to the Congress. Apply!

Digital Leaders is an initiative organized by CINTEL that brings together business leaders spearheading the digital transformation of the financial and real economy sectors, as well as the state´s industrial and commercial companies.

This exclusive community of senior executives fosters different spaces to share experiences and learnings and update its members regarding the best practices and strategic and business visions of IT.

One of the many exciting benefits of the Digital Leaders community is the opportunity to actively participate in high-level events such as ANDICOM, the most important Business and Technology Congress in Latin America, where you can network with other influential business leaders.

During ANDICOM 2024, C-levels will be able to access exclusive networking activities, high-profile academic spaces, and the solutions offered by the companies present at the commercial exhibition.

The Congress has a leading role in developing digital transformation and the technological ecosystem of Colombia and Latin America, which enriches the interests of decision-makers and organizations from all economic sectors.

Additionally, the community organizes conversations and networking spaces throughout the year and grants preferential access to national and international studies and sector activities.

Apply now and become a special guest of Digital Leaders at ANDICOM 2024!